7 Twitter Tips to Get More From 140 Characters

Posted: April 30, 2013 by Courtney Iovanovich

Gaining (and maintaining) followers on Twitter seems easy enough. You tweet relevant content and people follow, right? Not so fast. There are many ways to be an instant success on Twitter – like being famous. For the rest of us, being successful requires strategies and a lot of thinking. Luckily, we’ve done half the work for you. We’ve listed seven ways to get the most from Twitter and your followers.

Check out what tips made the “Do” list:

1. Do tweet to businesses, reports, other experts, etc. Twitter is an engaging tool. Starting conversations with others in your field is a great way to increase awareness and build relationships.

2. Do include links. You only have 140 characters to catch the attention of readers. Including links helps expand upon your ideas/topics. It also gives people the chance to explore your website (or whatever site you linked).

3. Do leave enough space for a “RT” or “via @username.” Tweeters love giving credit where credit is due; what they don’t love is when they want to share your tweet but run out of space. Just because you have 140 characters doesn’t mean you have to use all of them. Make sure you leave enough space for others to include your Twitter handle and “RT” or “via.”

4. Do ask for RTs, answers to questions, etc. Studies have shown that posts get a high engagement rate when they include a call-to-action. Asking followers to RT a post is a great way to increase engagement. Asking multiple choice questions is another fun way to interact with your audience.

Here are our Twitter faux pas:

5. Do not sync Twitter to post from Facebook. There are no short cuts in social media. Avoid automated cross-posting at all costs! Yes, it’s great to have content on Facebook and Twitter, but it doesn’t appeal to readers. Because you only have 140 characters, your posts may get cut off. Why would someone want to follow all of your accounts, when all the content is the same?

6. Do not excessively #hashtag. Have you noticed a company using hashtags on every word? They’re trying to get more engagement. Unfortunately they’re getting the opposite. Too many hashtags will result in decreased engagement and sharability.

7. Do not be selfish. Have you ever tweeted to a business, only to be ignored? People want to know their opinions matter. While it may be impossible to reply to everyone, businesses should try to respond to tweets as often as possible.

What are your “do’s and don’ts” of Twitter?

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