Best Photo Ever? Keep It To Yourself!

Posted: December 18, 2012 by Kevin Homer

How will Instagram’s new photo ownership policy change how you use the application?

You may want to think twice before every picture you’ve ever taken gets posted on Instagram. Yesterday they rolled out their updated policies, which includes a major change: Starting January 16th, Instagram has the perpetual rights to sell user’s photographs without payment or notification. 

Yup, you read this correctly. No, this does not mean you need to stop posting pictures of your silly friends or your favorite meal. But you may want to think twice before posting photos of professional quality or could be valuable to anyone else.

The only way to opt out is to delete your account prior to the new terms going into affect (January 16, 2013). If you’re interested in doing so, here’s a way to download your photos prior to deleting it.

We’ve seen many social media sites (Like Facebook, which happens to have acquired Instagram) release new terms, and then upon public outcry, “verify its terms” (or some might call this “changing them”). It will be interesting to see how the public reacts and what Instagram chooses to do about it.

What will you do differently with this new policy? Will you be deleting your account?


Learn more about this from CNET.

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