Facebook News Feed Ads: Changing the Advertising World

Posted: August 7, 2013 by Devon Diehle

To say that Facebook has simply changed our social world is an understatement. Facebook launched a social media craze, adjusting the way we communicate to become a more computer mediated society. Coinciding with this change in social activities and communication among groups and individuals was a change within the advertisement world.

Facebook became a hotspot for advertisers to have their brand seen by millions of people. Being able to tap into a user’s profile information and then adjust the brand being sold based on age, location, education, relationship status, and interests, advertising just got a whole lot simpler. Advertisers are now able to target the people most interested in the product without having to do extensive research. Different types of ads are now being used to target consumers without looking overly invasive.

News feed ads, as the name states, sit within the user’s social news, or news feed. These ads are sold through Ad Exchange and they enable brands to target consumers and viewers who have previously visited their site. They have a direct response option where users can simply click right on the ad and be taken to the site being advertised. Facebook’s right-hand-side ads are similar in that they target consumers who have previously visited their site. The difference between these two is that while News Feed Ads are sold pragmatically via Facebook Ad Exchange too, they are also social entities. They are embedded into the social networking world, making them likeable and shareable among consumers.

News feed ads have recently become the most impressive and responsive way to target viewers. They have 21 times higher click through rate than standard web retargeting ads and 49 times higher click through rate than Facebook’s right hand side ads. These impressive numbers have sparked the conversation of whether this will begin to rival Google!

This new advertising world that Facebook has created has become a topic of conversation. The merging of programmatic buying and social cues combined has changed the relationship between advertiser and consumer. A more symbiotic relationship has taken shape and users can directly interact back with advertisers while engaging in online social activities.

Next time you’re scrolling through your news feed and recognize a brand, you will more fully understand how it got there and why it’s there to begin with. News feed ads have changed the relationship we, as consumers, have with advertisers and it’s only just the beginning!

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