Google Continues to Stress Mobile Optimization with Mobile ROI Tool

Posted: March 26, 2013 by Courtney Iovanovich

There has been a mobile optimization shift in the marketing industry. Early this month, Facebook announced its evolution toward cross-device optimization. Last week, Google announced opened its analytics beta to more devices and online/offline interactions, but how can businesses measure their mobile ROI?


A recent study conducted by Google and Nielsen showed that over half of mobile searches resulted in a phone call, store visit or purchase within the hour, but does a PPC campaign effect these numbers?

Google has, yet again, come to the rescue by introducing Full Value of Mobile, a mobile ROI calculator. The app is designed so marketers are able to track all sales leads from in-store sales, calls, apps, mobile site visits and cross-device activity. Google also provides case studies, videos and measurement tips on each area.

According to the search engine giant, it only takes 30 minutes to set-up and start using the calculator. Businesses can upload data from their AdWords and mobile websites to “make some key assumptions to create your Full Value of Mobile estimate.” This estimate is able to show businesses the total value, value per click and mobile ROI across various paths.

Still not convinced that the Full Value of Mobile app is for you? Jason Spero, head of global mobile sales and strategy at Google, says that the app is made for all businesses “from smallest to the biggest, it’s as relevant for a Fortune 500 company as for a small business.” The concept is to see how cost-effective businesses’ mobile costs-per-action are. This is increasingly important because the value of mobile advertising has depreciated over the last few years.

Do you want to learn more about calculating mobile ROI? Google is offering a free webinar  on March 28 at 1 pm EST.

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