Hit Targets from All Angles

Posted: October 12, 2011 by Elyse Royer

The masses have been overwhelmed with advertising and media.  When marketing our businesses, we have to remember how easy it is as consumers to allow ourselves to be completely uninterested in corporate messaging – who would blame us?  The key to getting through to customers is to make your message count and to stand out in the crowd.  Sounds impossible, right? Wrong.

Given the overcrowded market of options consumers have, it’s going to take some convincing you are their best option.  Provide them with all the information they need to make an educated, sound decision without aggressively trying to convince them.  Don’t forget to reward them for their decision!

Consumers are less responsive to marketing campaigns that solely use the “push” marketing method (coupons, discounts, cold calling, etc.) than previously because technology has empowered them to make their own decisions.  While these methods may increase short term interest in your business, consumers need to be “pulled” in by creating brand loyalty and establishing brand recognition.  A healthy mix of the two strategies will create long-lasting relationships.

3 Tips to Transcend the Evolving Consumer Market:

– Create a marketing mix that is consistent, focused and direct
– Always present a call to action
– Integrate marketing efforts with social media channels to increase brand recognition

When trying to reach consumers, it’s important to remember the “who, what, where, when, why, how.”  Marketing has never been a “one size fits all” situation.  A different combination of strategies will be successful for different organizations. Put your consumer hat on and ask yourself which avenues would you respond to best?

Direct mail marketing (postcards, greeting cards, etc.) – even if consumers don’t follow the “call to action” from your marketing piece, brand recognition still increases – PLUS the US Postal Service has recently lowered mailing costs for bulk mailings, making this a more affordable option than before.

Print / online advertisements – get your customers fully acquainted with your list of available products and services in media outlets they may not be directly using to search out your company

Media placement (public relations) – promoting your organizations public image and/or publicizing your corporate social responsibility efforts will create long-term relationships

Search Engine Marketing – using search engine optimization (SEO) and other tactics can increase your organization’s search engine ranking

Promotional products – four words: top of mind advertising

Trade shows – market to a more captive audience at an industry-wide trade show

Email marketing – offer special promotions, notify customers of upcoming changes, announce newsworthy events to a large customer base for a small cost

Social media marketing – a wallet-friendly strategy to build your brand using rich media (photos, videos, guest authors)


How can you inspire customers to feel connected to your brand? How has technology changed your approach? accommodation

An Energized Approach to Marketing

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