How Informed Delivery Can Help Your Business

Posted: August 15, 2018 by Tori Shaw

If you frequently find yourself anxious to know what is arriving in your mailbox, then a new USPS service may be just the thing for you. Known as “Informed Delivery”, this service enables you to receive free digital previews of letter-sized mail pieces every day. In addition, residential consumers can manage packages scheduled to arrive soon. To automate this process, USPS images the front of letter-sized mail pieces and uploads them to an online dashboard that is then emailed to consumers. If you are wondering how this service will impact your business’s direct mail marketing campaigns, then keep reading! 
The primary benefit of Informed Delivery is that it enables consumers to receive email notifications containing grayscale images of their letter-sized mail pieces; however, this service also offers mailers the opportunity to engage their target base through synchronized direct mail and digital marketing campaigns. When consumers receive an email containing your mail piece, they can start taking advantage of your services before receiving hardcopy mail! The demand for digital interaction is consistently increasing, and by combining email and direct mail, you can expect response rates to increase by 30%.  
Another benefit of Informed Delivery is that it is offering marketers the option to supplement or even replace the traditional grayscale image with a more appealing full color image, such as a banner. Further, a URL can be added to point consumers toward a website, landing page, or social media profile. This information is then added to their email notifications, offering more impressions for marketers. An equally important element of this service is that it allows marketers to capitalize on the fact that USPS is the fourth highest trusted brand in America. Because consumers trust USPS, they are more likely to respond to your marketing campaigns. 
According to recent data, 95% of consumers are satisfied or very satisfied with Informed Delivery, 96% would recommend Informed Delivery, and 70% of email notifications are opened daily. Clearly, Informed Delivery is an extremely valuable service, and it can be used to reach consumers wherever they are, whether that be through computer, mobile, or tablet device. The only criteria that marketers must meet is that their mail pieces are automation compatible, contain a valid IMb, and are IMb certified. To help your business reap the benefits of Informed Delivery, we will even provide a free add design with each direct mail marketing that we design and distribute! 
If you are interested in signing up to receive Informed Delivery notifications, click here to see if your address or P.O. Box is eligible and get started! 

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