How To Use Trade Shows To Build Email Lists

Posted: April 15, 2013 by Courtney Iovanovich

The benefits of trade shows are endless. They’re a great way to showcase your products or products, and can be a relatively low cost per sale method. Trade shows are also a great way to connect with attendees and consumers, but what should you do after you’ve collected handfuls of business cards and contact information?

First things first – How do you get permission to email prospective customers? Make sure your company provides a signup sheet for eNewsletters. If you don’t think a basic signup sheet will do the trick, give incentives. Customers love getting special offers and promotions, so giving them something like an eBook, product sample, discount, etc. can make a huge difference. You can also host a raffle or sweepstakes. People are more likely to give you more information if they are given the chance to win something.

Step Two – Building your email list. Once the trade show is over, organize the contact lists. If someone gave you a business card but did not sign-up for your mailing list, send out a personalized email, thanking them and giving the option to subscribe to the eNewsletter. For the others who already opted in to the newsletter, send an eBlast thanking them for their participation. You can also announce the special offer and/or winners (if you hosted a raffle).

Step Three – Don’t let them forget about your business. Sending monthly eNewsletters about events, promotions and other news related to your business is a great way to stay connected to people you met at trade shows. You can also use their emails to send invitations to connect on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Consumers are 87% more likely to purchase products or services from companies they like on Facebook, so make sure you’re updating your social media frequently.

Important note: The federal CAN-SPAM Act protects consumers from getting unwanted emails, enewsletters and more, so make sure you get consent from prospective clients before sending an eBlast.

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