Paper Vs. Digital: What Do Consumers Prefer?

Posted: August 2, 2017 by admin

In the digital age, the distribution of information online continues to increase. This results in a change in marketing tactics, and often eliminates the use of paper. The online shift claims to be the best option, but the opinions of consumers need to be taken into consideration. The question remains, do customers prefer paper or digital marketing?

Recent studies by Forbes and Two Sides  asked these questions, and came up with some surprising answers.

1.       Direct mail improves memory recollection of products and services.  

2.      Consumers want a choice between paper and digital marketing, not an elimination of paper.

3.      If clients are sent an online PDF, they will often print it out themselves.

4.      Ads on physical paper helps give a sense of permanence that digitalization lacks.

5.      One of the major reasons consumers would choose digital media is because of environmental factors, but they remain uneducated about green printing options.

6.      79% of those surveyed want to have the option to continue receiving printed information.


What do these statistics show? Print marketing continues to be valued and desired today.

Although the digital age does have its advantages, it should not cause the elimination of printing. When consumers can physically hold something in their hands they remember it more clearly and form a better connection than reading a document online. Additionally, they will often print out online documents at home, costing them more time and money while hurting the environment. 

Before removing paper from your next marketing campaign, remember these facts about what consumers truly prefer. Keep in mind that paper and printing have progressed too, and offer some of the same cost effectiveness and environmental protection factors that digital marketing boasts. 

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