Social Media Marketing: In the Spotlight

Posted: August 22, 2013 by Devon Diehle

Social media technology has recently taken the spotlight in small business marketing, leaving location marketing behind. Utilizing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram have all positively affected small business consumer relationships. Using these channels of communication can help a business owner have a greater reach for the audience they are trying to connect with. The growing population is now more connected than ever before. Communication between people is becoming easier and easier from distant locations. Business owners are jumping on this opportunity to connect with their consumers. Not only does this make reaching customers easier, but it also increases the ability for the audience to get what they want quicker.

97% of business owners are now using some form of social media channel to market to consumers. Making marketing mobile is becoming a trend small businesses are also using. 66% of business owners say they are using mobile devices like smartphones or mobile solutions like text messaging.  However only 17% of businesses say they use location-based marketing like Foursquare and mobile ad targeting to promote themselves. Some business owners say that using a location-based marketing app has had no direct effect on sales or customer following.

With consumers relying more heavily than ever on their devices for information and access to resources, these numbers are not surprising. Deals, coupons, and online purchases are done almost completely online. The increasing use of mobile devices to complete these transactions is growing rapidly.

Mobile devices are not just being used to help gain customer attraction but also to manage the internal operations of most businesses. Apps have become a crucial part for many business owners as they try to balance multiple aspects of a business. Some of the most popular apps include calendar, costumer communications, GPS and accounting smartphone apps.

As social media and mobile technologies advance so will the marketing strategies associated with them. Business owners are taking the opportunity to adjust to the changing ways the population is communicating. Being able to interact with consumers in the way they are communicating with each other is key to reach the right customers!

How has your business embraced the use of social media and mobile marketing?

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