The Homer Group Welcomes New Digital Media Marketing Associate Courtney Iovanovich

Posted: February 7, 2013 by Courtney Iovanovich

The importance of having a social media presence has never been more vital to businesses. To keep up with the industry’s latest trends and stay one step ahead of competitors, The Homer Group hired a new digital media marketing associate, Courtney Iovanovich.

Before joining The Homer Group family, I graduated from Wayne State University with a Bachelors of Arts in Public Relations. I won multiple national championship titles while attending WSU so I know what it’s like to be ahead of the competition! Swimming wasn’t the only thing I balanced with being a full-time student. I also stayed active in the communication and marketing industries in Detroit and Kansas City.

Social media is here to stay. No matter how small or large a company is, having a social media presence will increase business, create customer engagement, generate leads and much more. Managing social media accounts may seem like a task to put on the back burner or give as busy work to an employee, but there’s much more to social media than meets the eye.

That’s where The Homer Group (and I) come in. We will develop your overall social media campaign, guide you with what to say, how to say it, and where to say it, or manage the campaign for you. You may also want some “value-added” components to complement your existing social media efforts, such as developing Twitter backgrounds, adding a blog to your website and creating applications for your Facebook fan page.

Staying on top of trends. What #hashtag will get your content exposed in Twitter? Is your Facebook being promoted across your other social media sites, website’s RSS feed, blog, etc. How can we get your products re-pinned on Pinterest? These are just a few of the questions The Homer Group’s team asks when developing and managing your social media strategy.

Understanding your analytics. Everyone is familiar with a re-tweet, but we take it farther. We analyze virality, RTs, reach, organic growth, along with other elements of social media. The Homer Group has an algorithm to measure your ROI on social media. Those results can change season to season and day to night. Each business is different!

Knowing the importance of social media. If you or a friend is managing your social media presence, you may want to reconsider. Expertise comes from experience. Anyone can have a Twitter account or manage a Facebook page. The Homer Group has years of experience and satisfied clientele to prove it. We have a team dedicated to your social media success.

The bottom line is if your company doesn’t have social media accounts, or someone else to managing them, The Homer Group is ready to take over and help raise your brand awareness and make the most out of social media! Don’t get left in the stone age. Our team of experts are ready to introduce you to the digital age!

An Energized Approach to Marketing

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