The Top 4 Direct Mail Mistakes to Avoid

Posted: August 15, 2017 by Lydia Erickson


Direct mail is a valuable asset to marketing, brand awareness, and direct communication with current and future clients.  Working cohesively with your online marketing presence, studies have repeatedly shown that direct mail continues to be one of the most effective marketing tools.

However, using direct mail incorrectly decreases its value significantly. Follow these tips to avoid some of the most common mistakes and therefore use direct mail more profitably and effectively.

Mistake 1: Outdated and Untargeted Mailing Lists

Due to the changing nature of the workplace, it is your responsibility as the marketer to consistently adapt. Every mailing list you obtain should be both current and targeted. Make sure you have fresh data with the present addresses of your clients, and make sure you are targeting the correct demographic. Sending your direct mail to a group of consumers with no interest in your product will never achieve your marketing goals. Research factors like age group, financial status, and interests of the population you are sending mail to before beginning your campaign.

Mistake 2: False Information

Although it may seem simple, many businesses post false or misleading information about their services and products. Even exaggerating the truth is a major mistake that will result in losing clients rather than gaining them. An easy error to make is to mail outdated information that affects your credibility if it cannot currently be verified. To remedy this issue, don’t send direct mail about sales that have expired or products that you no longer offer. Honesty is always the best policy even in a direct mail campaign, and it will speak to the integrity of your business.

Mistake 3: Passive Messages

A call to action (CTA) is arguably the most important element of any promotional campaign, and direct mail is no exception. Response are the goal of marketing, and your client needs to understand exactly how they should respond to your mailing. Choose a CTA that is clear and simple, and prompts immediate active response instead of a delayed response or no response at all.

Mistake 4: No Follow Up and No Follow Through

The purpose of sending a direct mail campaign is to get clients to respond, so when they do, be ready. Now is the time to prove to your customers that you are worthy of their business, and that you will follow through on everything you promised. Make sure to respond quickly to their requests, and work with them until they are fully satisfied.

Avoiding these four common mistakes will improve any direct mail campaign, and increase the effectiveness of the message you are sending. Your information and list size will stay fresh and up to date, and the integrity and sales of your business will grow. Make sure to avoid these errors, and put forth the best possible direct mail campaign today.

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