Why Trade Show Booth Designs are Important

Posted: August 24, 2021 by admin

Your trade show booth may be the first time that an important client interacts with your brand. It offers the first impression to the audience you want to reach and should be a visual representation of your company and who you are. Below are a few tips to help ensure you’re delivering your message in a way that will resonate with your targets.

Avoid complex graphic design

Your trade show display is not what is selling your product or service; your people are! Utilize your booth design as an invitation to your company, to make a great first impression, and for your people to communicate your product or service.

Utilizing space is a great way to keep things organized and simple. To ensure your booth is far from complicated, follow these helpful graphic design tips for your booth's signage.

  • Use simple fonts that are easy to read
  • Your graphics should follow a simple color scheme
  • Too small fonts or images will make it difficult for the audience to read and digest.
  • Place important info on the top two-thirds of the graphic.
  • Don't write detailed explanations on graphics
  • Because time is crucial, your design should include 40 percent images, 20 percent text, and 40 percent white space.

Following these helpful steps will allow the audience to read and follow along with your display in less than three seconds to understand your company and what you are offering.

Explore Lighting and Colors

Backlit designs in trade shows are popular. Not only is it affordable, but it is easy to assemble and grants an eye-catching and modern look. If it’s been 10 years since you’ve set up and broken down trade show booth signage, we promise it’s so much easier today than how you remember!

Contrast is a tool used to emphasize the colors in your booth. There are many ways to utilize color, but listed here are the most important.

  • Graphic design contrast creates eye-catching displays through the use of colors and other elements. This works well with backlit displays.
  • Using multiple display panel contrast is a great way to combine different panels to create a singular one. By doing so, each can be designed with complementing colors. Using two different styles is another good tool used to bring contrast to your booth.

Use technology

Utilizing TV monitors, tablets, and lead capture equipment are great tools to enhance your message. Many companies offer software solutions for capturing guest data for those interested in hearing more about your brand.

‍Monitors allow customers to learn more about what you offer. Tablets are affordable and are used for simple walk-throughs, product guides, games, and demos to interact with your brand, and allow your sales team to bring these options to your target audience, rather than them being required to come to you.

Allow guests to share their experience

Adding a selfie station or photo booth will entice others to share their experience. To ensure your message is heard, add your company name or logo in the background, helping your audience indirectly promote your brand!

Dress for the occasion

Along with your booth, those representing your brand should dress accordingly. If you are not sure what to wear, keep it professional and consistent among all members in the booth. Of course, branded attire is always a great suggestion, too!

Giveaways should complement your messaging

Promotional items are a great tool that many seem to like, and this should include more than the traditional pen or keychain with your logo on it. Relevant items tailored to your brand messaging are exciting, unique, and can leave the audience remembering you after the event.

With the support of our sister company, Navitas Marketing, we can assist in providing a strategy to draw people in and encourage them to interact with your brand.

What tips have you used when designing your trade show booth signage and layout?

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